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Our approach combines aesthetic elegance with practical functionality, creating world-class visuals with refined UX for quality and usability.

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Our Story: Crafting the Brand Experience

Founded in 2017, Lausas Group began as a visionary startup with a simple yet transformative idea: to redefine the brand experience. Initially launching in the safe plains of Southern Finland, the company aimed to create brands that not only catered to the practical needs of our clients but also resonated visually with the client’s customers.

With a focus on customer-centric quality, technology integration, and astonishing visuals, Lausas Group quickly distinguished itself from traditional service providers. The adoption of flexible payment terms, cutting-edge collaborative technology, and world-class design principles resonated with forward-thinking companies looking for an edge.

Lausas Group Entrepreneur

Lausas Group is the culmination of decades of experience in various facets of creative communication. As the entrepreneur behind this venture, I’ve always been driven by a desire to help businesses tell their stories effectively.

Since the mid-1990s, I’ve witnessed the evolution of marketing and communication firsthand. From the rise of the internet to the ever-growing importance of audio/video content, Lausas Group is built upon this vast experience. Our team of passionate individuals, combined with my diverse background, allows us to offer a comprehensive suite of services under one roof. We believe in a collaborative approach, working closely with each client to develop a strategy that achieves their unique goals.

Strong Partnerships Through Traditional Values

At Lausas Group, we believe in the power of clear communication, hard work, and dedication. We foster a professional and respectful environment where team members can contribute their best work and take pride in their achievements.

We believe in building strong, long-term partnerships with our clients. We take the time to understand their unique needs and develop customised solutions that deliver measurable results.

Lausas Group was founded on the principles of hard work, integrity, and a commitment to excellence. These values continue to guide us today as we strive to be the preferred provider of creative solutions for businesses.

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