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We offer a broad range of services, from advertising and marketing to production and publishing, with audio, video and graphics. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, message us, let’s see if we can help!

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Tired of managing a scattered network of agencies for your marketing needs? Lausas Group offers a simpler, more effective approach. Lausas Group brings decades of experience in publishing, design, audio/video production, and marketing to the table. We’re passionate about helping businesses tell their stories, reach their target audiences, and achieve their goals.

We combine decades of experience in publishing, design, audio/video production, and marketing under one roof. This allows us to develop a cohesive strategy that seamlessly integrates all aspects of your communication – from crafting your brand narrative to reaching your target audience across diverse channels. The result? A powerful, unified message that resonates and drives results.

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Involved in publishing since 2011

While Lausas Group was founded in 2017, its founders have been in the industry for decades longer. Publishing activities commenced in 2011 and continued under the Lausas Group name from 2017 onwards.

Currently, Lausas Group publishes three distinct news portals. A radio station project is currently on hold. Previously discontinued publications include a music magazine, additional news portals, and a journal focused on cryptocurrency.

Pixel-perfecting for nearly three decades

As the internet was still in its infancy in the mid-1990s, we embarked on the journey of creating web pages and content for the online world. Initially, our efforts were primarily focused on personal projects and learning, but over time, they evolved into agency work, partnerships, and the development of websites for major international clients.

© Lausas Group
© Lausas Group

Over 15 years of audio and video production

Over 15 years of weaving sound and vision into captivating experiences. We’ve helped countless voices find their audience, from polishing albums and crafting infectious audio ads to meticulously editing audio and video for seamless experiences. We even launched and produced content for a radio station, leaving you with catchy jingles and sweepers that linger in your memory.

Whether you need a brand anthem that ignites emotions or a captivating video that tells your story, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. From radio spots to voice-overs, short-form ads to full-featured documentaries, we offer a comprehensive range of audio and video production services.

Decades in marketing and advertising

We’ve been in the advertising game since the days of traditional print media. We can help you with a wide range of printed materials, including posters, brochures, business cards, letterheads, catalogues, magazines, large format prints, packaging, backdrops, and more.

We’ve been at the forefront of digital design since its inception. Whether you need a logo or any other design element, we can deliver. Our team has the skills and a well-established network of collaborators to tackle projects of any size.

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